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Over the years PPG has developed numerous Position Statements  on issues that we believe are central and key to our Guiding Principles. Open Letters are published statements by The Pet Professional Guild intended for a wide audience.  We publish certain statements as open letters for several reasons

  1. These open letters are tools that PPG Members can use in their businesses and helps them to engage and educate partners, colleagues and clients on important issues
  2. To help focus a broad attention on very important topics that we are taking action on
  3. To help start a wider discussion around important issues

Please feel free to share these and use in any academic or industry publications. We ask only that you correctly cite them with a link back to our website

© Copyright 2012-2018 Pet Professional Guild.  All rights reserved. If quoting any part of this article, please respect our copyright and attribute it to the Pet Professional Guild   and include a link back to the original article on the PPG website.

Thank you

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